Thursday, July 2, 2009

these are some random images

these are just some pictures from this week. none of them having anything to do with each other but i just felt like sharing them.
this is one of my favorite beverages these days. they also just started making a raspberry lemonade that is to die for!
this might look like kool aid or something but it's actually hummingbird juice! i just thought it looked pretty.
my new antibiotics for my infected tooth. i've always liked pink and gray together so i was excited when i saw these pills. i'm so weird.
my free tito's belt buckle! isn't it cool?
today feels like a friday but it's only thursday. i thought about going out tonight but i have the next 4 days off work and i figured one night at home would be nice. plus, i'm a little whacked out on these pain pills so i probably shouldn't go anywhere. so i'm in bed watching gilmore girls. this is what i like to do.

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