Saturday, August 15, 2009

some movie stuffs

i realize that the last thing i posted was a movie trailer but here's some more movie stuff.
last night i went to see 500 days of summer and i absolutely adored it. i loved the story, the actors, the soundtrack...almost everything! i didn't quite care for the very end but you can't win them all.
before the movie we saw the following trailers, which all looked good to me in different ways:
i saw the trailer for whip it a few weeks ago and i'm still interested in seeing it. it just looks cute! plus, the third wilson brother is in it and he's such a fox (well, he would be if he wasn't so hairy). and, of course, i love kristen wiig so damn much.
who doesn't love demetri martin? seriously, who? taking woodstock doesn't look super fabulous or anything but i just think it looks fun. i doubt i'll see it in the theater though because i so rarely see movies in the theaters.
my only complaint about adam is that peter gallagher's character seems like kind of a tool. sandy cohen would never act like that! but in all seriousness, i am very intrigued by this movie because i've always had a fascination with asperger's syndrome for some reason.

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Jane said...

Roller derby is around here too. I've never gone to a show but I would pressume it's pretty freaking awesome.