Sunday, August 9, 2009

some weekend notes

dana and i finally hung out on friday night. she spent her entire summer studying for the bar exam. the bar was last tuesday-thursday and i was out of town when she finished so i wasn't able to celebrate with her. then she went out of town for a few days. so friday was our big scheduled reunion. we went to frank for happy hour. i had the ginger cherry limeade (monopolowa vodka, ginger simple syrup, fresh lime juice, cherry cider) and LOVED it! oh man, i really recommend it.
this is a picture of the ginger cherry limeade using only the color red.
here's dana and me outside of one of the bars on 4th street
after we left frank we decided to go to side bar to see what kind of infused vodka they had. this summer they've had the following infused vodkas (that i know of): skittles, garlic habanero, strawberry vanilla, and now pear. the pear was okay but not as good as some of the others.
dana and i sat out back playing with our new cameras for a while. we both have this camera now. dana's is red and mine is black. they are wonderful!
on saturday night alison and i went to chedd's for dinner. i feel like i've been waiting forever for that place to open. i'm not exactly sure when they did finally open but i became aware right after i had my molar removed so i wasn't really in a position to eat a grilled cheese. anyway, i finally found time to go and i'm really glad i did! they have over 30 different types of cheese!
i had queso blanco and ham on sourdough. it was soooo good.
i also watched a little bit of shark week while we were in there.
after dinner alison and i went to her apartment to have a john hughes marathon. we watched 16 candles, home alone, and half of the breakfast club.
and josh came to hang out with us halfway through home alone!

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