Monday, August 24, 2009

take photographs of fun, have fun

i haven't had the motivation or subject matter to blog much lately but today i decided to post some fun pictures from the last couple of years. everyone loves looking at pictures, right? woo! this is going to be a long post.

ian and david after the ifc crossroads party to kick off sxsw!

alison, dana, and me at mates of state. i think we were the only people in our area that were dancing.

amber, me, and sarah at the village voice party during sxsw. we got there early and took full advantage of the open bar!

alicia during a sunday funday outing in the park. we flew kites and wore fake mustaches.

josh and eileen, probably dancing to "come on eileen" on her birthday.

dana, me, and darren immediately after obama won the election :)

greg green? awww greg green!

we're ass to ankles back here! me and josh in the back of ian's truck.

an intense game of flip cup and katie and paul's engagement party.

sam, sarah, robin, and amber...i have no idea what those faces are about!

me and danaburger at the rachael ray sxsw party.

hahaha a corndog painted on the building behind josh's apartment!

that's me drinking random champagne that i found on a table at erin and david's wedding. what?

josh and me at cafe du nord. such a fun night!

me and sam on her birthday :)

megz "pushing" me in ethan's stroller. hahaha one of my faves!

me in lambertville, nj. one of the most random, fun days ever!

brynn being blinded by how hot the thundergod is!

a really crazy night in chicago that ended in a verrry interesting cab ride back to our hotel.

my partner in sass and me at the parish :)

the night sam graduated from massage therapy school.

bri and me making fun of the sign at 7-11 that said, "rockie road browie." we got in trouble for taking this picture!

dana and i can see for miles and miles.

mustache party in petaluma!

kelly doing the andy turn dance on new year's eve. the faces in the background are pretty great too!

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