Sunday, September 13, 2009


on friday night my sister, brother-in-law and i somehow ended up discussing redheads in pop culture and we discovered that most redheaded men in pop culture aren't very good looking. my sister thinks that eric stoltz is hot but i don't really agree with her. i mean, he's certainly better looking than ron howard but that's not saying a whole lot. i tweeted that we were trying to think of attractive redheaded actors and got these responses:
  • Because there aren't any! Eric Stoltz, ehh...David Caruso, gag.
  • Kevin McKidd, Simon Woods, Eric Stoltz circa Some Kind of Wonderful, vintage Robert Redford
  • Attractive red-headed actor: Paul Bettany (in my opinion!) 
i've never really thought of robert redford as a redhead. to me, he's a strawberry blonde. but boy is he ever attractive! simon woods and kevin mckidd don't really do much for me. paul bettany is pretty good looking though.

but here's what i don't understand: there are maaaany attractive redheaded women in pop culture. what's up with the men? and i've personally known some attractive ginger dudes in my life so i know that they're out there.


Dana said...

The redhead guy in Band of Brothers is totally hot. His name's Damian Lewis.

stefanie said...

i'm not familiar with him...i'll have to look him up.