Sunday, October 11, 2009

i'm alive!

wow, it's been almost 2 weeks since i last updated this thing. sorry! i've been so busy lately that i just haven't had the time to sit down and write about anything.

last saturday my friend robyn got married! she's been dating ricky for NINE years so it was about damn time! the wedding was fantastic. it was rainy but that didn't stop the reeds from throwing a kick ass party. it was catered by sambet's and i have to say, it was probably the best wedding food i've ever had. deep fried turkey, red beans and rice, etc. AND instead of a wedding cake they had a bread pudding bar! it was so delicious. they had traditional, chocolate, and pumpkin bread puddings with several toppings. we decided that we're going to have to make pumpkin bread pudding for thanksgiving this year because it's so much more delicious than pumpkin pie.

after the toasts i had to book it downtown for grizzly bear at emo's. what a show! i didn't think they could get better than the show at the parish back in june but they did. it was breathtaking. i can't even think of the words to describe it. if you haven't seen these guys, i highly recommend you do. it's such an amazing experience!

on sunday i went to see bon iver at the paramount and that was another show that left me pretty much speechless. it's definitely something that has to be experienced. reading about it just doesn't do it justice. i got goosebumps/tears in my eyes multiple times. for a couple of days i was pretty sure that i just wanted to live the rest of my life inside the paramount, watching bon iver. i still think that would be a nice way to spend the rest of my time on this planet.

so, needless to say, it was a really wonderful weekend. there were some low points but the high points definitely out weighed them. on monday i spent the entire day either sleeping or thinking about sleeping. when i went back to work on tuesday i felt terrible. i was beyond exhausted. it didn't make much sense to me because i had definitely caught up on any sleep that i might have missed. well, tuesday night i figured out what my problem was. are you ready for this, internet? i was bit by a brown recluse spider, in my sleep, probably on sunday night. gross, i know. i actually found the spider in my room tuesday night, shortly after discovering a weird bite on my leg. so that would explain the exhaustion and the general crappy feeling i had for a few days. i'm still feeling pretty fatigued but now i think it might just be a reflection of our cool, gray, rainy weather.

on thursday night, my bff and i headed to the cedar park center to see wilco. i will never understand why they agreed to play there but whatever. the seats were uncomfortable but the sight lines were great. i could see everything, even glenn! i never get to see glenn so it was pretty exciting for me. wilco definitely didn't let a weird venue bring them down. they rocked that place for close to 2.5 hours and played 27 songs. it was fantastic! i always forget just how much i love those guys until i see them live again. jeff talked about several things, one of which was that he wished they were playing 2 nights in austin. i think maybe that's why they played such a long, great show, to make up for the fact that they only had one night here. whatever the reason, i'm so grateful that they did. it was a really fun night.

i just got home from the most wonderful brunch ever at nomad. i've been there a few times for brunch but it's been several months since i was last there. beau and beth have really stepped up the menu and it is unbelievable! let me tell you, that double chocolate peanut butter waffle is just as good as it sounds! everything was so delicious, i can't wait to go back very soon. if you like brunch (and who doesn't?!) and live in austin, you seriously must check this out. it is worth every penny! and i'm a cheap so that's saying a lot.

phew! so now you're caught up, sort of. i have other things to discuss in individual blogs but i just had to get all of this out now. i hope i never go 2 weeks without updating again!

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