Wednesday, October 21, 2009

oh woe is me

so i have to complain about something real quick: now that i have an iphone, i NEVER use my actual computer. what does that mean for you people? it means i hardly ever blog. i doubt that anyone really cares about that but i guess i do. another thing, i've been doing this project 365 since april and i got SO FAR BEHIND on it because i used to be in the habit of uploading a picture from my laptop everysinglenight. for the first couple of weeks that i had the iphone i still uploaded every day but that quickly fell by the wayside. i just spent the last 30 minutes catching it up. i hope to never get that far behind again!

i need to start using my real cameras more. the camera on the iphone is nice, for a phone, but i have several hundred dollars worth of camera equipment that i should be using! i have the next 4 days off work so hopefully i'll get inspired and motivated to take some damn pictures. although, i doubt i'll be taking many (if any) tomorrow because it's supposed to be another rainy day. rainy pictures are bad.

another thing about spending ZERO time on the computer is that i'm so far behind on reading blogs. it's awful. i'm sorry, y'all! i just hate reading blogs on my phone so i don't do it, then when i sit down at my computer, i get distracted after about 5 minutes (which ain't enough time to catch up on everything!). some of my friends do all these cool weekly blog activities that i would love to participate in but i know i'll drop the ball the second week or so. who knew that getting an iphone would actually give me an F in internetting?

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