Friday, October 30, 2009

a perfect thursday night

last night was one of the best nights i've had in a while. it started with bonnie and i hanging out at my sister's house. nels was being particularly adorable, as is evidenced here. he was so taken with bonnie! he sat there with her for several minutes. most of you don't really know nels so you don't know how huge that is for him. he NEVER sits still. he's constantly on the move. then we went to pick up jason and we all had dinner at freebirds. we headed downtown to meet up with everyone before the blind pilot show. we decided on shakespeare's' because it's close to the parish. it's a pretty douchey bar but if you're there early in the evening it's not so bad. apparently their thursday special is $5 liquor pitchers. WTF?! how is that even legal? yowza!

the show was absolutely fantastic. it was the 5th time i've seen them this year and definitely the best. i wish i could drop everything and travel to see some of their shows. they're so talented! and omg, SO friendly. they're seriously the best. they let us take all of these ridiculous pictures with them.

and if you need proof of how awesome they are, just watch this video!

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