Thursday, November 12, 2009

am i going into hibernation?

after tomorrow night my "concert tickets" envelope on my bulletin board will be empty. i can't even remember the last time it was empty. i've been to so many great shows this year and it's kind of sad to think about not having any shows to look forward to for a while. i'm going to try to recap the shows i've seen this year. i'm sure i'll forget some. i need to archive that information better!

january-car stereo (wars)

february-andrew bird, black joe lewis at the honey bears, devotchka

march-cut copy, sxsw: gomez (3), the decemberists, buddy (2), blind pilot, uhhh who else?

april-blind pilot, david sedaris, spoon, guster, mates of state

may-black joe lewis and the honey bears, elvis perkins

june-helio sequence, animal collective, gomez (4 times in 3 days), grizzly bear, jenny lewis, ben kweller

july-spoon, gomez (2 nights in san francisco)

august-willie nelson, john mellencamp, bob dylan

september-i can't think of any from september! crazy!

october-grizzly bear, bon iver, wilco, blind pilot

november-elvis perkins

i honestly cannot remember if i saw any shows in september. i wouldn't be surprised if i didn't, i was pretty burnt out after the summer months. i know i was planning to see a couple of shows that i ended up skipping. now i am concertless and sad. maybe i'm hibernating until spring? i don't know. it's not like there are NO concerts to go to, just none that entice me enough to get me out of the house. oh i've turned lame :(

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