Tuesday, November 17, 2009

another tuesday!

my goodness, tuesdays come quick these days!


Shell said...

Ahaha- I watched an episode of Gilmore Girls as I was making dinner tonight.

Love concerts, too. Can't wait til summer rolls around again, since the best concerts are the outdoor ones.

stefanie said...

i prefer spring and fall concerts because it's tooooo hot here in the summer. i went to see spoon in july and it was well over 100 degrees at 9:00pm when they took the stage. ughhh!

Amber said...

I love Concert Season! Every Year in June. I think it's like the 3rd weekend or something (the 21st it usually starts) for a week straight we have Country USA. (www.countryusaoshkosh.com) and we camp and I hate the end of the week cause it means I have to leave my friends and go back to work. :(. But I'm glad their over for now although we'll have more in another month or 2 usually, I'm BROKE!