Friday, November 13, 2009

it's a flash back!

i'm not much into health food, i am into champagne
so the idea here is to go find an old blog post and re-post it today for flashback friday. i have no idea why i picked this one to re-post. i guess because it still makes me laugh after all this time. so here goes!

eggs and corn

(originally posted june 8, 2008)

i saw this video several months ago and for some stupid reason i think it's absolutely hilarious. 


well, a couple of days ago i saw this one on the yahoo most watched videos or some shit. i knew it had to be the same people! then i re-watched the egg one and realized that the same girl is in both of them. i think i still like the egg one better (just because of the line, "what's she doing?" which my sister and i say alllll the time) but this one is still pretty funny.  

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Maya said...

Hahaha I'm totally going to have nightmares about crying food now!

(coming over from Texan Mama) (OpenID isn't working right now)