Thursday, November 19, 2009

new (to me) music!

hello, my name is stefanie and i am a music junkie. i love music so so much. the only things more important to me are my friends and family. i am constantly listening to music and going to see live shows. i'm also always looking for new music to get excited about. i have to say, there hasn't been much out there that has impressed me in the past couple of years. the two albums that really stand out to me as ones that continue to blow me away are blind pilot's 3 rounds and a sound and brendan hines' good for you know who. i have worn both of those albums out and i still listen to them constantly. well, here's a story about a new album that i am immediately enamored with:

i've read the name noah and the whale a few times in passing on blogs over the past 6 months or so but never stopped to investigate them. a few weeks ago i heard one of their songs on the radio but the whole time it was on i was thinking, "hmm...noah and the whale? that reminds me of the squid and the whale. which was written and directed by noah baumbach!" that's the way my brain works most of the time. so i didn't really pay much attention to the song when it was on but after it ended the dj said, "that was noah and the whale. no one in the band is actually named noah. the name was inspired by the band's favorite movie, the squid and the whale which was directed by noah baumbach." are you kidding me? i died a little. i should have known right then that these were my kind of people but i sort of forgot about them.

on monday as i was driving to work, andy langer played their song blue skies and it hit me like a ton of bricks. ohhh emm geeeee! that's seriously what was going through my mind as i listened to it. i made a mental note to check out the rest of that album (the first days of spring) and now here i am, completely blown away. i can't stop listening to it. i know it's not music that's for everyone, but i think most of my friends would love it.

there is also a 47 minute movie that goes along with it and it's totally free if you download the album from itunes! and it's all only $7.99. it's the best money i've spent in ages.

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