Saturday, December 19, 2009

2009 in photos

i have taken SO many pictures this year. i mean, wow! anyway, this post is going to be my 11 favorite pictures of the year, one for each month, january-november. i have no real criteria for "favorite" so it could get random. stay tuned next month for my favorite picture from december. the possibilities are already endless!

alicia and me at barflys on the first night we hung out after she moved back to texas

josh on a sunday funday

blind pilot during sxsw

sarah getting a beer at eeyore's birthday

nels after his 1st birthday party

gomez at stubb's...the best gomez show i've ever seen!

swingsley hanging out in japantown in sf

the hot dog king!

nels and me

a delicious mango strawberry margarita from vivo

baby maggie after her baptism

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