Friday, December 11, 2009

healing with laughter

yesterday was sam's memorial service. i'm not going to go into a big long post about it but there was one part that i wanted to share.

in the program, it said, "Heaven's House Band played an encore as Samantha Turn arrived Sunday, Dec 6 2009." kelly read it and thought that heaven's house band was a real band. one thing about all of my friends is that we're not afraid to admit when we've done, thought, or said something stupid. so kelly told us that he had mistaken it for a real band and thought to himself, "who is this band? that's a weird name for a band." we all had a good laugh about it. i know one of the reasons i was laughing was because it reminded me of something sam herself would have said. she once stumbled upon a ring that said "true love waits" and wore it on her thumb, not knowing the popular meaning of that phrase. in her mind, it meant that if you waited long enough, you would eventually find true love. there were many laughs had when we all realized that she was wearing that ring, and what she thought it meant.

and you know what? sam did wait long enough and she found true love.


Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry for your loss Stefanie. It's never easy and there are never the perfect words that come to mind. But I do know what a beautiful person you are. Hang in there, keep your head up my friend.

stefanie said...

thank you so much, ashley! this is the first time i've lost a close friend and it is far more difficult than i ever would have imagined. i'm finding strength from all sorts of people and places right now though and i'm glad for that.