Saturday, December 26, 2009

mama's got a brand new bag

i've had the same cheap, crappy luggage for 3 or 4 years now. i don't travel a lot but it's definitely seen its fair share of abuse (thanks swa baggage handlers!). not only are my two suitcases in bad shape, but they're just odd sizes. the small one is too small for me to use for most trips, even weekend ones. once i put shoes (maybe 2 pairs) and my toiletries (i have to use several products to tame my 'fro) it's already full. the next one up is HUGE. huge, like i'm going on a 2 week european adventure huge. i got a giftcard to target for christmas so i decided to treat myself to a new suitcase. something a little larger than my small one that i can use for 2-4 day trips out of state. say hello to my new suitcase!

she's beautiful, isn't she? i also ordered this to be shipped to my house because they didn't have it at the store.

i'm so excited! maybe someday i'll buy the big one and have the complete set.


Jenn said...

That is PRESH! I would be afraid to use it because of all the abuse. I borrowed my mom's BRAND NEW red one last December for our Vegas trip and it came back fillllthy. Helen didn't care, but I was all "I'm glad that wasn't my shit because I would SO be crawling up someone's ass"...because they can totally control the filth that is placed upon one's luggage.

I never claimed to be totally rational.

stefanie said...

i think i'm gonna scotch guard it. haha! but, yeah, my old lavender suitcases look like shit from being checked. this is darker so hopefully the shit won't show as much? i dunno.