Tuesday, December 29, 2009

post-its, weird pictures, and muuusic

and now i'm going to post some pictures. i had a roll of slide film in my ooooold 35mm point and shoot for MONTHS. i hardly ever remembered to take any pictures with it. today i finally decided that i couldn't wait any longer to finish it (slide film comes in rolls of 36 exposures) so i just developed it anyway. i cross-processed it and these are some of my favorites.

i think i liked the last batch of cross-processing a little better. i think i used a different speed film and i liked the fisheye effect. i'll probably do the fisheye again when i go to san francisco...in 24 short days!

ps-you should check out the new itunes live session that blind pilot released today! it is GOOD. i am so in love with their cover of gillian welch's "look at miss ohio". SO IN LOVE.


Amber said...

Have fun in SF!

Epiphius said...

Great tabletop pic! It's all sorta artsy fartsy!

Anonymous said...

^5 to your laundry putting itself away. Can you talk to mine too? Oh and give up the ghost with SWA treating the luggage with kindness- puhleeze!

LOL Epiphius--artsy fartsy!

adrienzgirl said...

I am so with you on the 2010! It better, be, better!

Danielle said...

I agree. Bring on 2010. Hope it's a good one. Stopping by from Supah's.


ClevelandPoet said...

2009 kind of sucked I plan to grab 2010 and force it to be better if need be.