Tuesday, December 15, 2009

yet another top ten list

here are my top 10 favorite albums of 2009. i am far too indecisive to put them in any order other than chronological. deal with it. the only thing missing from this list is lighten up francis by buddy because it wasn't released this year (much to my disappointment). you can bet your ass it will be on next year's list though! in the meantime, you can hear a song off the new album called campfire. it was a kcrw top tune a couple of weeks ago! anyway...to the list i go.

1. merriweather post pavilion by animal collective
january 20, 2009
(click on this picture to view the large version, then watch it play tricks on your eyes. it's crazy!)

2. noble beast by andrew bird
january 20, 2009

3. changing horses by ben kweller
february 3, 2009

4. elvis perkins in dearland by elvis perkins in dearland
march 10, 2009

5. a new tide by gomez
march 31, 2009

6. outer south by conor oberst and the mystic valley band
may 5, 2009

7. veckatimest by grizzly bear
may 26, 2009

8. wilco (the album) by wilco
june 26, 2009

9. i and love and you by the avett brothers
september 29, 2009

10. first days of spring by noah and the whale
october 6, 2009

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