Tuesday, January 19, 2010

another post-it collage

being unemployed has afforded me a little (read: a lot) more time to spend on my blog so i made a lil' collage to share my post-it notes this week. i didn't have a whole lot to say but i can always think of something. and if you can't tell, the big 3 there in the middle is to alert you all that my mini-vacay to san francisco is just THREE DAYS AWAY. you may want to click on the collage to view it larger so you can actually read my post-its.

and i'm going to post this picture again because i can. i think i made it, like, a year ago. i can't remember. it's just so pretty, it has to come out every now and then :)


Brittney said...

stopping by from Supahs!!
Yes those PJ pants are too comfy! lol

amyndavid said...

Great Post It Note Collage! I LOVE San Francisco!! Me and the hubs went there for our honeymoon! Stopping by from Supah's!



Amber said...

Cute Collage! have fun in SF!

Kerry said...

Lady you have the best handwriting ever. My doctor handwriting is jealous.