Wednesday, January 20, 2010

another reason i want to marry my iphone

last thursday as bonnie and i were heading to pitcher night, a song came on the radio that reminded both of us of a movie. unfortunately neither of us could remember what movie it was! i was only about 50% confident that the movie was the family stone so i set out to figure it out, using my magical iphone. first, i shazamed the song to find out the artist and title. it was maxine nightingale's right back where we started from. then i launched my imdb app and searched "maxine nightingale" and lo and behold, that song was in the family stone!

a day or two later i decided to find a video of that song on youtube to post on bonnie's facebook wall, just to be silly. i had no idea just how silly it would be until i found this video. it's a video of a bunch of whales dancin' around with their trainers. wtf? i don't think i understand the use of the song in this video but whatevs!

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