Wednesday, January 6, 2010

i am an anal retentive planner

it's true, i love to plan vacations. i'm not talking about planning everything down to the very last second, i'm talking about planning places to go and ways to get there. obviously, right now, i'm planning our trip to san francisco that is just 16 sleeps away. with 5 out of towners staying with one san francisco resident, things could get hectic. we're only there for about 2 days so we want to see/do as much as possible without totally overloading ourselves.

when we first booked this trip, i suggested that each person pick ONE THING that they reallllly want to do that weekend and we'll plan for that, no matter what (well, unless it's ridiculously expensive and/or time consuming). here are the responses:

kelly-drive to marin county
me-visit my friend melissa's restaurant, frances (it is a little pricey for most of us but we're just gonna go get appetizers and hang out so i can see the place)

and that's it. amber and lolo don't care, they just want to be with all of us in san francisco and see as much as possible while we're there. easy peasy! the obvious wild card with this crew is golden gate park. no duh.

i have already decided that no matter who wants to join me, i am going to the ferry building farmers market on saturday morning. due to the time difference, i usually wake up pretty early the first morning anyway so i'll stroll down to the 24th street BART station (half a mile from john's place), zip down to the embarcadero station and waddle the rest of the way to the ferry building (another half mile or so). SEE, THAT IS WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT WITH THE PLANNING. i need to know how i'm going to get places so i don't waste all my money taking cabs everywhere. is amazing. i also have a BART app for my iphone so we'll see if that proves to be helpful.

other things on my list of would-like-to-do/see-items:

tour of alcatraz (shut up! i've never done one and this whole weekend is going to be touristy so i wanna do it up right!)
aquarium of the bay (check out that website, the intro is rad!)
sutro bath ruins
exploratorium at the palace of fine arts

things i will be skipping:

booze cruise of the bay. i guess that's about it. i've done one before and, honestly, it was kind of shitty. i guess the particular cruise we went on probably wasn't the best that they offer but, i don't know, i just wasn't feeling it. it's not actually called a booze cruise, either. i had fun hanging out with my friends but i would have rather done that somewhere other than a boat. oh, and i got a sunburn on my nose and forehead during the first 20 minutes or so and was red for the rest of the weekend. NOT AWESOME.

i'm not really sure where i was going with all of this now, but, there you have it? haha!

oh yeah, i'm not really anal retentive about anything else. is that weird? i guess i'd rather be a.r. about important stuff than insignificant stuff. right? anyway, are you a.r. about anything in particular? or are you just a.r. about everything?

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