Friday, January 15, 2010

i was tagged

my old pal ashley tagged me in one of those "tell your readers 7 things about you" things. i'm supposed to also tag 7 people but i don't really even read 7 blogs so i'm not doing that part.

1. i have had chronic headaches since i was 12 years old. some of them are migraines, some are tension headaches, and i think some might be caused by caffeine withdrawal. i have yet to really find anything that eases the pain. i think i've spent a significant portion of the last 14 years of my life suffering from some form of head pain. it is horrible.

2. i have lots of cameras. film: lomo fisheye, lomo action sampler, minolta freedom zoom. digital: iphone, canon sd780is (point and shoot), canon rebel xti (single lens reflex). video: flip mino hd. i use all of them.

3. my nephew calls me tessy.

4. as of january 22nd, i will have been to san francisco 6 times in the last 3 years. it is my favorite place i've ever been.

5. when i was a kid i ate a bunch of macaroni and cheese and then threw it all up. even though the macaroni probably wasn't what made me sick, i went years without eating it again. that's a sad thought because it's one of my favorite foods.

6. on average, i only go to the movies 3 or 4 times in an entire year. i find movie theaters to be distracting and uncomfortable, both physically and emotionally. also, i think the cost to see a movie in the theater is absolutely ridiculous. i love movies but i have other ways i'd like to spend that money.

7. i had a bone marrow biopsy 2 years ago and i still have dreams about it every now and then. the physical and mental trauma caused by the entire experience will probably never go away completely.

there you go!

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