Tuesday, February 2, 2010

who has time for a job?

now that i'm a lady of leisure, my calendar is filling up muy rapido. that's very fast for the english tongue.

2/2 lunch with jenn
2/3 trivia night
2/4 casting call to be an extra in a coen brothers movie, lunch with michella, pitcher night
2/5 joseph arthur at cactus cafe
2/6 family lunch to celebrate the birth of my brother-in-law (2/2), my mom (2/3), and my dad (2/7), joseph arthur at cactus cafe
2/7 super bowl party
2/12 olympic opening ceremony party
2/13 kate's baby shower, bbq at wysteria and hutch's
2/20 you're beautiful art auction (which i'll be photographing)

and i'm sure lots of those empty days in between will be filled in too. yowzas! i also just took on the role of "ambassador" for a british musician attending his first sxsw.

between now and 2/13 i also have to make something for kate's baby shower. i've chosen to go the "creative" route rather than the "go to target and buy something" route.

and lastly, go check out mama kat's writing prompts for this week because yours truly was the inspiration for one!

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