Wednesday, March 24, 2010

the power of the internets

yesterday i blogged about my new addiction to green tea citrus chapstick. jenn has been dying to try this stuff ever since i tweeted about it last thursday so she blogged about it today. and thanks to the internets, tomorrow we're going to visit the lovely april to get our paws on some (more) of it!

i'm trying to convince jenn to do a giveaway on her blog for one tube of the chapstick. i mean, this stuff is a pretty big deal so she can't take a bag full and give it all away! i have already promised to give one tube to a friend but since no one reads my blog anyway, i figure jenn would be the better person to host a giveaway.

edit: oh there will be a giveaway! stay tuned for details in the next couple of days.

1 comment:

livin wide said...

i heard about this from dana this past weekend - i need some!!!