Thursday, June 3, 2010

dicks galore

i'm sure you've all heard of chat roulette by now. when the internets first started buzzing about it it was actually kind of neat. then the dicks came out. and by dicks i mean actual penises; weirdos wacking off in front of their webcams. the site might as well be called dicks galore.

a couple of weeks ago a friend of mine got on chat roulette after a night out with another friend. the first couple of "chatters" they got were the typical weirdos with their dicks out. then they got to another guy who engaged in a little bit of conversation. they exchanged pleasantries about what they had been up to that evening and then after a few moments he typed, "dicks, please."

this evening i checked my phone on my dinner break and had a text from my bff that said, "dicks plz" and i nearly died laughing.

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