Monday, August 16, 2010

sixteen hours

that's how many hours of work stand between me and my trip to new york. 16 hours. i can totally do that. right? ughhhh i'm so burnt out. i've only been back from my last long weekend for a couple of weeks and i'm already dying to leave again. i don't think i'm actually as burnt out as i feel, i think i'm just super anxious to see my best friend as well as other great friends.

part of my pre-trip anxiety has manifested itself into me being a total weirdo about my toiletries. for pennsylvania it was anal-retentive-event-planning, for new york it's toiletries.

yes, that is my bag of toiletries already packed and ready to go, and has been since sunday night. my carry-on bag is already about 30% packed as well. as far as anal-retentive-event-planning goes on this trip, i've done almost none. it's weird. the only real plans are harper simon and rhett miller at city winery, the brooklyn museum, and the highline. other than that, i'm pretty wide open. we were thinking of going to a yankees game but it's such an enormous time investment, really, and i'm not sure i'm willing to sacrifice that much of my short trip to go to a game. i was sad when i realized that a game probably wasn't in the cards for this trip but i had to face reality. plus, paying $30+ to sit at the tippy top of the grandstand didn't sound like much fun either.

another way that my pre-trip anxiety has manifested itself is my inability to sleep. well, to be clear, i always have a bit of trouble sleeping but it's been really bad the past couple of nights. i lay in bed thinking the same few thoughts over and over and over and over. it starts to really frustrated me so then i get worked up about how frustrated i am and then i'm even less likely to fall asleep. i should also clarify that (for the most part) this is not bad anxiousness. it's good anxiousness. most people associate negative feelings with the word "anxiety" but that's not what this is. i am not scared to travel, or fly, or be away from home. i'm just excitdedanxious. 

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