Saturday, October 9, 2010


i'm not quite sure when it happened but over the last few years i've grown completely intolerant of people flapping their traps anywhere near me at a concert. and rest assured, i will say what it takes to get those assholes to stop talking. i can't even tell you how many times i've had to approach someone and ask them to be quiet, using a variety of different phrases.

"i didn't fly all the way from texas to listen to you guys flap your traps." (said in new jersey a few years ago)

"i didn't drive from houston to dallas to listen to y'all talk." (said in dallas last summer)

"i don't mean to be rude but can you guys keep it down or move? you just talked all the way through my favorite elvis perkins song." (said last spring, on a dare for a free drink)

there are others that are basically variations of what i listed above. and then there is what happened last night at blind pilot. the show was indoors at stubb's which is a pretty small space. it was sold out and it was LATE (they didn't go on until after midnight) so you would think that everyone there was there with the intention of seeing a great band. i mean, if i didn't care for them i would have been asleep, that's for sure! anyway, apparently people weren't there with the intention of seeing great music, they were there to talk to each other. there was a group of guys about 15 feet away from us that talked non-stop. if they music got louder, they got louder. i'm talking, "and he said new jersey and i was like FUCK THAT!" yeah. i finally shushed them. then, like, 4 other people shushed them. shortly after, they left. woo!

then the girl with the most annoying voice in the planet came and stood right in front of us and just yapped and yapped and yapped through a pretty quiet song. someone (may have been a friend of mine) threw an empty cup at her and she said, "IS SOMEONE THROWING CUPS AT ME?!" we all averted our eyes as to not look like the guilty party. one might think that if someone is throwing cups at them, maybe they should straighten up and act like a good concert goer. but not this girl. the next thing i knew i was standing right behind this chick and the guy she was talking to and i said, "can you take it upstairs or shut the fuck up?" see, the indoor part at stubb's has 2 levels but obviously downstairs is the preferred place for most people since that's where the stage is. but if you're just there to talk, you should probably stand upstairs. right? anyway, their jaws dropped to the floor when i said that. then i just turned and walked away. they did not go upstairs but they really did shut the fuck up for the most part.


Lizzie said...

LOVE THIS. I am terrified of confrontation, but twice I have spoken up to concert jerks, and it's pretty satisfying.

Centrechick said...

Love the shhdontellsteve logo. :)

That is the hugest annoyance, people who won't shut up at concerts. Now you've done it very successfully a few times, you just need to be the designated shusher with your group of friends!