Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 in photos

here are some of my favorite moments/pictures from 2010!

the first moments of 2010 where i looked like ozzy osborne 

san francisco fills up my heart

our "family" at stinson beach

derek and travis with leslie hall

my sister at curra's

the first time dana came home this year

she & him at stubb's during sxsw, it was freezing!

me and nels in the backyard

hilarious spring break '94 reunion (secret, it was actually 1994)

yann tiersen and me, then i died

rachel and david's amazing wedding

alicia and marshall's amazing wedding

lounging in amber and lolo's casual grass

brunch at perla's with some of my favorite out-of-towners

cupcakes at my sister's baby shower

carmen and nels, so dorky and cute

strawberry martini at spiderhouse, mulled strawberries and kettle one rimmed with raw delicious

sometime during my 12 hours at o'hare (note: this is obviously just a favorite picture and not a favorite moment from 2010!)

trying to transport 2 HUGE canvasses in a corolla

washington's crossing, one of my favorite places on earth

at city winery with josh during my first trip to nyc

at the highline with my bff

karsten sleeping like the angel that he is

a bee that joshua murdered at rio rita, some vegan!

the party favors i made for sam's birthday celebration

celebrating sam

marcus mumford!

papi is a goober

wys showing off her birthday present from chris

cecily and nels at mozart's

nels helping coco decorate her little tree

i'll probably do some sort of text based year in review eventually but you know how much i love to post pictures so of course i did this one now. 

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