Monday, December 27, 2010

a late christmas miracle?

i don't think i need to go into much of a back story but this is a brief rundown of my headache history. since may i have been on some sort of prophylactic to try to prevent my daily headaches that come as a side effect of occipital neuralgia. the medicine that i was previously taking caused too much fatigue so last week i switched to nortriptyline and it seems to be working okay so far. but, of course, something else is going on now. the headaches i've been having are nearly identical to migraines sometimes but they aren't actually migraines. well, now that i have those headaches under control i'm getting migraines frequently. what the hell? i've had actual migraines in the past but not very many. i think i've had at least 4 or 5 in the last 2 months. last monday i saw my neurologist and he gave me samples of several different medications used to treat migraines.

i got a terrible, terrible migraine today shortly after i got to work. i had one of the samples (zomig) with me but i was hesitant to take it because the last time i tried one (imitrex many years ago) it made me feel worse than the migraine did. i waited until this evening when i got home from work to take it. i worried that it was too late for the medication to do any good. and, of course, i worried that it was going to cause awful side effects. about an hour after i took it my headache was totally gone and i never felt any of the side effects. it felt like a miracle occurred in my head.

as excited as i am that zomig got rid of my migraine, i am annoyed that i'm getting them so frequently right now. i finally start to get my other headaches under control and now this? why?!

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