Sunday, January 9, 2011

a truly wonderful weekend

a while back i wrote about my friend kelly who totally change my life. well, he's back! as of last tuesday he was officially an austin resident again. he was recently offered a job with acl live and would have been insane not to take it. it all happened very quickly and i barely had time to get excited about his return.

last night we went to lustre pearl and bar 96. it was the first time i had seen him since he moved back and it was like no time had passed at all since the last time he lived here.

kelly at lustre pearl
we joked that we had them paint this just for him

lolo had to lift my hood up for me so my face was visible

amber, kelly, and lolo
it was so much like old times

kelly sized jenga at bar 96!

today we went to brunch at taverna and then toured the unfinished moody theater, future home of the austin city limits studio as well as other badass concerts.

the boys and their bellinis

crazy eyed girls

we were throwing around the idea of sharing a few dishes for brunch but couldn't seem to agree very well. i proposed the idea that we just all get our own entrées and then split a waffle between the 4 of us. it was perfect! it was just the right amount to top off all of our egg-heavy dishes. it was like a breakfast desert. 

since the venue is still under construction everyone who goes inside must wear a hard hat, safety vest and glasses.

not a good look for me at all
note the cute scarf, this is the last picture it will probably ever appear in since i lost it somewhere in the venue :(

from the third/top level of seating

we ended the afternoon with a drink at the hotel bar. apparently this bar is called the "secret" bar which is confusing because it's not really a secret.

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