Wednesday, June 15, 2011

i love my sunglasses

i can't bring myself to buy expensive sunglasses but over the years i've found some shades at target that i really love. i can think of 3 different styles that i've purchased multiple pairs of because i liked them so much. i got my current pair last july and unlike the other 2 styles i've previously worn, i was never able to find them again. i look at target every time i go just in case some pop up. i shop somewhat regularly at 2 or 3 different targets so you'd think that eventually i would find them. i don't need them right now but i sure do want to have a back up pair when this pair poops out on me. well, tonight was finally the night. i found another pair. so now i can relax a little and not be quite so anal with the ones i have now. yay!

anyway, who doesn't love a photo montage of me wearing my sunglasses? i know i do!

outside of michaels in quakertown, pa

on the highline with my bff

that time it snowed in austin


matt's el rancho with wys

crawfish boil with amber

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