Thursday, June 23, 2011


i meant to do this with 10 days left until our trip to santa cruz but i was too sleepy yesterday to even realize. so here it is a day late.

the top 9 things i'm looking forward to about going to santa cruz:

1. flying with bonnie- not only am i not flying alone but i'm flying with someone who i always have interesting experiences with.
2. meghan and matt-it's been 2 years since i've seen them.
3. dani and kelly driving up from LA-it's also been 2 years since i've seen them.
4. DOLE WHIP-i've been hearing about dole whip for years and i loves me some pineapple so i cannot wait to eat it for every meal while i'm there. 
5. funnel cakes-who doesn't love an excuse to eat funnel cake? i'd say meghan and matt living near the boardwalk is as good of an excuse as any. 
6. seabright beach fireworks-because of the serious drought here in central texas there will be no fireworks so i'm glad i booked a trip out of town for 4th of july to guarantee that i will see some.
7. craft time with the ladies-meghan and dani have decided that we are going to have a craft hour, or more, which i'm sure will turn into some sort of drunken collage disaster. 
8. renting a surrey in monterey-when i was a kid we rented a surrey on one of our family vacations and i've always wanted to do it again!
9. laughing until my sides aches and tears spring out of my eyes. this is guaranteed and i can't wait. 

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Centrechick said...

Does the surrey have a fringe on top?

Sorry, I couldn't resist. :)