Thursday, June 9, 2011

road trip playlist

in may of 2006 i took a road trip to new orleans with 4 other friends. we went to see gomez at tipitina's on cinco de mayo. there was a lot of partying crammed into the 1.5 days that we were there. the drive home was a little miserable, to say the least. we were listening to my ipod through one of those little radio transmitter thingies and i came up with a fun idea. i created an "on the go" playlist and handed the ipod off to let everyone pick 3 songs. then we listened to it. it was really interesting to see what songs everyone picked. it was pretty random! of course, when we got home, i burned the playlist onto cds for everyone and made custom "album" covers too. the mix was called the t&c mix after our rental car which was a chrysler town and country mini van. the album covers will make no sense to anyone else but that's okay. 

carter bless you!

kelly as a bunny rabbit

from bitter with baggage seeks same, "samantha looked around the playground in amazement. her mother had been right. she really was the smartest and the prettiest." 


oh, you want the playlist, don't you? 

1. counting crows-round here
2. iron and wine-such great heights
3. johnny cash-hurt
4. the new amsterdams-proceed with caution
5. thievery corp-lebanese blonde
6. xavier rudd-9 times a day
7. coldplay-fix you
8. cyndi lauper-girls just wanna have fun
9. death cab-i will follow you into the dark
10. sia-breathe me
11. flaming lips-free radicals
12. men at work-down under
13. alanis morissette-hand in my pocket
14. tenacious d-wonderboy
15. modest mouse-the good times are killing me

what a trip that was. 

this post was inspired by one of mama kat's writer's workshop prompts. 

Mama’s Losin’ It


Paulette said...

Crazy fun it sounds like! I think it's neat you burned CDs and made unique covers for ea one.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a blast!
Just popped in from Mama Kat to say hi!

vinobaby said...

God I miss trips like that...what awesome memories. Love the playlist--#1 & #7 are two of my all-time favs.