Wednesday, October 19, 2011

here's the deal

the deal is, i suck at blogging. but check this out!

i co-hosted a bridal shower for one of my best and oldest friends on saturday. it was way more work than i ever anticipated it would be but everything turned out perfect

alison and her fiance are both from louisiana so we used that as the theme for the food and drinks. we served popcorn with tony's, voodoo'd eggs (deviled eggs with crawfish and jalapenos), and cajun cocktail nuts as the appetizers. for lunch we had emeril's red beans and rice, a build your own muffaletta bar, and louisiana sunburst salad, a recipe from palace cafe in new orleans. dessert was bread pudding with many different toppings, hurricane cupcakes (passion fruit cupcakes with and orange/cherry buttercream), and creole ginger bourbon cupcakes with vanilla bean buttercream. the cupcakes were my brain children and i think they turned out really, really well if i do say so myself. we also served hurricanes, iced tea, abita beer, and abita root beer. i have zero pictures of the whole spread which is pretty upsetting. i was just too busy hosting and socializing to even think about it.

up next is alison's bachelorette party. it's going to be very low-key and awesome. we're going to go to a local-ish winery for a tasting and then spend the night at a house on the lake. my sister and i are in charge of dinner and i'm thinking we'll do pork loin with risotto to pair with red wine and roasted chicken with mashed potatoes to pair with white wine and people can decide which they want, or have a little of each. then i'm going to make a banana chocolate icebox cake for dessert. it's all going to be so delicious, i can't wait! 

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Jane said...

my friends and i are having a New Orleans food party next month! thanks for the list of thing you made, i may have to steal an idea or two!