Tuesday, April 17, 2012

final preparations

with my surgery on thursday i am trying to get all of my ducks in a row and, to be honest, i'm starting to spazz a little. i just feel like i have so much to do to prepare even though it really isn't much and i've already done most of it. to prepare for my recovery period i have procured the following items:

new comfy sheets
liquid tylenol
liquid zyrtec
an old lady nightgown
probiotic packets to mix with applesauce (so the amoxicillin won't make me sick)
a kindle touch
a roku 2 
a shitload of saline nasal spray
60 otter pops

i have also rearranged the furniture in my bedroom so my bed is close to the door so i can have easier access to the bathroom. i got all of my prescriptions filled today at work and i just need to remember to pick them up tomorrow before i leave (tomorrow is my last day to work before the procedures). i need to do some more grocery shopping and i need to call the doctor's office to get a couple of questions out of the way. other than that i think i'm pretty much set? ugh i don't know. this feels worse than trying to pack for a vacation even though it really shouldn't. i'm going to have at least one family member around AT ALL TIMES for the first few days so even if i have forgotten something i can always send them to get it. i think i'm just trying to find something to freak out about so i don't freak out about the actual surgery. i'm not worried that anything bad is going to happen to me while i'm "under the knife" but i'm really concerned with the level of discomfort that i'm going to be in afterwards. i've never had surgery before. i mean, i've had a couple of oral procedures done that required anesthesia but nothing that took more than a few minutes. i do remember being remarkably pain free after having my impacted wisdom teeth removed though. maybe that's a good sign? 

the idea of taking so many liquid medications makes me want to gag. i'll be taking vicodin, amoxicillin, tylenol, and zyrtec in liquid form for at least a week, if not longer. vom. i'm totally getting my vicodin and amoxicillin flavored at my pharmacy though. i'm thinking maybe grapeaide for one and strawberry swirl for the other? my tylenol is grape and the zyrtec is cherry. i figured i would mix things up so that they don't all have the same flavor. 

i have already planned out my last 3 meals as well. on wednesday morning i will have tacodeli for breakfast, chick-fil-a for lunch, and homemade pot roast for dinner (made by my sister). i'm pretty excited about all of it!

now, what are some movies/tv shows on netflix instant and books for kindle that you guys recommend for while i'm recovering? i need stuff that is pretty light/easy to keep up with since i may be in and out of consciousness thanks to the painkillers.  

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Lizzie said...

I hope it all goes well for you and you don't have too much pain or discomfort. All I remember from my own minor surgery was that I slept for like the first two days straight. And yes, that I was "remarkably" (perfect word!) pain free immediately after, at least. I had a cyst removed from my tailbone, so I wasn't able to lie on my back or sit comfortably for probably a week... Except right after the surgery, when I was able to sit in the cab on the way home (on a pillow) with no pain. Wonder drugs!

Anyway, off-track. What I was going to suggest, if you haven't seen it, is My Name is Earl. I had never bothered with it because I thought it was a dumb show, but a friend told me she liked it, I watched the first few episodes on Netflix and found that it's more of a smart show about dumb people. So funny. My brother and I are currently obsessed, but he's sped ahead of me and I feel like a loser stuck two seasons behind. ha.