Monday, March 31, 2008


i've had a livejournal for years, and i enjoy blogging on myspace but i believe i'm going to move most of my blogging efforts here. don't ask me why. let me warn you in advance, most of this will be about baseball and music because that's what i spend most of my time thinking about. now that you know... BASEBALL BASEBALL BASEBALL! it began last week with the red sox vs a's games in japan, but today was the real "opening day". i guess the nationals (holy crap i almost typed senators!) started last night, but whatevs. that game was stupid because w. threw out the first pitch. gross. anyway, my team (the yankees) had to postpone their opening game due to rain. how sad! so with the postponement, i watched the tigers opening game against the royals. and the royals won it in extra innings! well, just one extra inning. but anyway, i think that's pretty hilarious. i've heard more than a few people make world series predictions that include the tigers and here they lose to the royals. how embarrassing. i also watched some of the brewers vs cubs game. it's nice to know that eric gagne sucks no matter who he is playing for. i had little interest in the twins vs angels but it was really nice to see the fans in minnesota give torii hunter such a warm reception as an angel. and it was also cool to see that carlos gomez is really making the most of being a twin, so far anyway. a few other random baseball tidbits: i'm glad joe torre won his first game as the dodger's manager, john lackey is a goon, i feel like i hardly recognize the astros anymore. and lastly, obama has won most of the texas delegates! i am proud to say that i'm one of the people who ventured out to a county convention on saturday in support of obama. YES WE CAN and YES WE WILL!!

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