Monday, March 31, 2008

i lied

that wasn't all i had to say. ooops! no, i'm going to supply you with some links to provide a couple of minutes of entertainment!
  • lyrics quiz-i didn't actually finish this because i thought i was going to go blind or lose my fucking mind. but other people might have more patience for it.
  • internet commenter business meeting part one and part two-what business meetings would be like if people spoke like they comment on the internet. i will freely admit that i LOLed pretty hard at those videos.
  • cutest video ever-i don't care who the hell you are, there's no way this isn't cute!
and now comes the list of awesome music that you should all be listening to, because i said so. (i'm providing myspace links because it's the best way to hear said music, and because some people's websites blow but i would like to keep a cohesive feel to this so i want to use the same type of link for everyone. man, i'm anal.) some of these are a given, but you just never know! i could go on but i won't. perhaps i'll save that for another time. also, stop back by for books, movies, and blogs that i recommend. hopefully i'll get to that tomorrow.

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