Wednesday, April 2, 2008


a sad face is the only thing i could think to title this blog with. my cat was just looking out the front window all crazy-like so i took her outside to see what was going on. (side note: i literally have to take my cat outside because she's not an "outside cat". every now and then she gets out, runs about 2 feet from the front door, then freezes and freaks out. anyway, a few times a week i carry her outside to sniff the fresh air and watch the birds.) we got outside and i found a squirrel sitting next to my car. it didn't move when i got close to it which immediately concerned me. as i got closer, i saw that it had flies on its face and was breathing really heavy. it was hunched over and sickly looking. i came inside and told my dad about it. he went outside with a shovel (no, not to kill it), scooped it up, and took it to the woods to die. i am so sick to my stomach right now. my dad said it was missing hair on one side of its body. it didn't look badly mutilated so i don't think it got hit by a car. it must be diseased or something. sorry for such a downer blog.

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