Wednesday, April 2, 2008

public service announcement

i don't know how many of my dear readers (do i have any readers?) know this, but my mother is breast cancer survivor. she was diagnosed in july of 2005, had a mastectomy in september of 2005, and went through chemotherapy and radiation for several months. she was declared "cancer free" about 18 months after the whole process began. i have quite the family history of cancer (both grandpas, grandma, mom, aunt, uncle, 3 great aunts...), so cancer research foundations are very important to me. a friend of mine is doing the avon walk for breast cancer in chicago in a couple of months. it's 40 miles over the course of 2 days. each participant has to raise at least $1800 before the walk. i know that you probably don't know tanya, but that's no reason not to make a donation! no donation is too small, seriously. so please, if you have even $10 to spare, make a donation. simply click the bright pink "click here to support me" button. i am also going to put that link in my sidebar list of links so if you can't donate now, and this post gets buried in the blogosphere, the link will still be readily available! thanks guys! i really appreciate it :)

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