Thursday, April 3, 2008

hodge podge 1

there's no general theme to this particular blog posting. last night i went to barnes and noble and best buy. at b&n i bought girl, interrupted and prozac nation. yes, i am aware that i bought two crazy books. perhaps i'm feeling a little crazy lately. maybe reading these books will help me put my own shit into perspective. or, maybe it'll just make me even crazier! at best buy i found this. pride of the yankees, bull durham, and eight men out all for $22.99? i had a bit of an ordeal trying to figure out if the movies were full or wide screen. i never buy full screen. i hate it. however, i was thisclose to buying the indiana jones box set in FULL SCREEN because i didn't even notice. i went to grab the correct one and they didn't have it! i don't know if they were just out of wide screen or if they just don't make it. weird. anyway, so i stumbled upon the triple play and immediately had to find out if they were in full screen or not. i looked around for a blue shirt to help me out and when i finally found one, i realized it was a guy i had gone to middle and high school with. in 7th grade he apparently "stole" some girl's science book so she referred to him as "science book stealer" for a couple of years after the incident. i will forever think of him as "science book stealer". such is life. he didn't act as though he recognized me but i sort of pretended not to know him either. anyway, sbs (science book stealer, not to be confused with wilco's latest album sky blue sky) couldn't find the answer i was looking for. he looked up the item on best buy's website to see if they had the "specs" but they didn't. he checked with a manager to see what my options were as far as buying it, opening it and finding out that they're all full screen. each of these dvds was some sort of "anniversary" or "collectors" edition so i was fairly certain they were wide screen but you never know! then i got to thinking, pride of the yankees was made in 1942 so it's probably in full screen because that's all they have. sure enough, after all was said and done, bull durham and eight men out are wide screen and pride of the yankees is full screen. now, call me a bad baseball fan if you will, but i obviously didn't already own those movies. i've seen them all before though. i think i was just waiting for a fabulous "triple play" box set, i just didn't know it. let's quickly address a couple of great april fool's jokes. the first, which i cannot link you to because it has been deleted, was benjamin gibbard's new side project entitled just jazzin'. it was basically just him playing a xylophone like a moron. a very big part of me hoped that it was real because i think he's stupid enough to really do something like that. don't get me wrong, i loves me some death cab for cutie and postal service. i really do. but i'm tired of gibbs and all the 12 year olds that think he's some sort of god. oh, i take that back, there are 35 year olds that think he's some sort of god as well. i went to my first death cab show in 2001. so, i was slightly ahead of the times. anyway, this was a great april fool's joke because all the people who worship gibbs were leaving comments on the just jazzin' myspace like, "hahaha this is hilarious. but you should really do it. you could do anything and i would still love it!" vomit. the next great joke was google's approach to email. my favorite parts are, "Gmail utilizes an e-flux capacitor to resolve issues of causality (see Grandfather Paradox), " and " Everyone sort of knows I used Custom Time on this one, but I'm denying it." haha kudos to you, google. and i'll leave you with one reason why i'm glad i don't work at ubs anymore. yow-zas! ohhh edited to add: i thought someone, somewhere might appreciate knowing that best buy has six feet under on sale for like $16.99 per season. the box set of the entire series isn't on sale, which is a shame because it RULES. but still, $17 per season? that's a steal! i remember when it first came out on dvd it was like $80 for one season. craaaazy!

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