Thursday, April 3, 2008

baseball tidbits 1

i put a "1" after the title because i can only assume that there will be many random baseball posts in this blog's future. first thing's first. last season i purchased a membership with for whatever reason, i told myself i didn't need to renew my membership this season. i have no earthly idea what i was thinking. why wouldn't i renew my membership? of course i want to be able to watch almost any game whenever i want. so tonight, i renewed it. and let me tell you, it's so much better than last season. the quality is fabulous! i watched the yankees vs blue jays game. the game was full of great pitching, and some pretty decent offense. the yankees won it 3-2 so all in all, it was a wonderful game! frank thomas was ejected in the 4th for arguing balls and strikes. it's always exciting when players get ejected, even if they're your own players. today at fenway, a hawk attacked a 13 year old girl named alexa rodriguez. it's not funny that this young lady was attacked by a big scary bird, but i have to admit that i chuckled a little when i read her name. speaking of a-rods, alex rodriguez makes more than the marlins entire roster. i can't really think of anything else to say about that other than it's ridiculous. absolutely ridiculous. jezebel has a nice story on 3 reasons why smart women love baseball. i have to say that i'm not the biggest fan of reason 3: it's full of sex appeal. i'm sick to death of hearing and reading about "oh [insert player name here] is SO hot! i love [insert team name here]!" i'm not saying that i don't find certain players attractive, but that is certainly not why i love the sport. now, here are a couple of players' blogs: neither of those blogs have a lot going on right now but they're decent when there is actual content. i love to hate curt schilling and his blog is perfect for that. i thought i had something else to include but i can't think of what it was. oh well!

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