Monday, April 28, 2008

bone maaaarrow

pretty much everyone knows that i had a bone marrow biopsy done back in february. i would venture to say that it was the least pleasant experience of my entire life. (eww side note: i just did a google image search for "bone marrow biopsy" and now i literally feel like i am going to barf. also, i had run across these before but had blocked it out of my mind...there are videos of bone marrow biopsies on youtube. WTF??) for anyone who is wondering, the "site" where the needle went in still isn't all the way healed. weird, right? i guess it's weird, i don't know. i don't know what it is supposed to look like. i do know that it started hurting again last week and hasn't stopped. lame. i have an appointment with my oncologist in a few weeks so i guess if it's still hurting by then i'll ask her what's up. if it starts hurting worse than it does now i'm going to have to call and whine about it. what if it never stops hurting?? i'm scared i got a botched job or something since i went to that chop-shop brackenridge. most disgusting hospital EVER. completely unrelated! on this week i had a 3-way tie for most listened to artist: joseph arthur and the lonely astronauts, the brendan hines, and mgmt. i don't know if i've ever had a tie before, let alone a 3-way tie.

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