Thursday, April 10, 2008

i've got nothing

that sign says "WARNING STAY BACK 300 FT NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR BROKEN WINDSHIELDS". every time i see those i think, "well if i can read this sign i'm obviously not back 300 feet."

moving on...

when you're unemployed "weekends" don't mean that much. the only difference is that all of your friends have a couple of days off as well. i look forward to the weekends but not as much as most people. however, i am REALLY looking forward to this weekend! and thankfully, it pretty much begins tomorrow. kelly is flying in around 5:00 and i'm sure happy hour activities will ensue shortly after. sam is also coming in tomorrow, but she's driving rather than flying. excited doesn't even begin to describe it. kelly AND sam in the same weekend? be still my heart.

and saturday is robin's birthday! yippeee! amber and lolo are being incredibly gracious and letting us party it up at their place for a few hours. then, hopefully, some of us will head to beauty bar (i swear i go to other bars but we've been going there a lot lately because there's been a lot of stuff happening there) to see car stereo (wars). i already wanted to go to that and robin mentioned wanting to go somewhere to dance so i was like, "DUH BEAUTY BAR CAR STEREO (WARS) LET'S DO IT!" just like that. i always have a good time at csw!

now, i'm going to try to scrounge up a sleeping pill so i can catch some zzzz's. my insomnia has gotten really bad lately. i was up until after 4:00am yesterday for no reason. i simply could not fall asleep. i think i'm out of ambien but i'm sure i can find something. if worse comes to worse i'll just take some benadryl.

p to the s-this is tomorrow! (well i guess technically tonight since it's after midnight but whaaaatever.)

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