Tuesday, April 22, 2008


i am a fan of joseph arthur. i am. but i am starting to realize that some people really think the sun shines out of that guy's ass. he is constantly working on something, which i think is awesome, but i don't have to love everything that he does. but i'm discovering people online (message boards! eek!) that would probably buy (and love) a pile of shit if they thought it was his (especially if the order included an "art print"). i'm not necessarily saying that i think any of the music or art or poetry that he has produced should be compared to a pile of shit, but you know, not everything is the most wonderful, spectacular, mind-blowing piece of art in the world. take for example joe's new blog, bag is hot. first of all, maybe i'm missing something, but i don't understand what the fuck "bag is hot" is supposed to mean. second of all, i'm not that thrilled by the content. it's cool, but mostly i just don't get it. but i am reading things like, "I am speechless with wonderment (good word and apt) at everything Jo (and his organisation) is doing just now. It just blows me away completely and I fall down in admiration, awe and moaning pleasure noises." and i wonder why i don't feel the same way. are all these people actually seeing or hearing something that i'm not? or are they forcing themselves to connect with a piece of art because they love its creator? i guess i've never been like that. i can fully accept when an artist that i love makes something i am not wild about (see 50% of the songs on the gomez album "how we operate"). i've never blindly followed anything (except for maybe a couple of boys that had a shitload of charisma. i was young and stupid). i wish i could find the blog or interview that i read this on, but once upon a time i read that someone told joseph arthur, "i listened to your new cd once and then i threw it across the room because it was such a piece of shit." and joe's response was one of delight. he basically said, "good. i don't make my music for everyone to love. if it evokes any kind of reaction, good or bad, then i've done what i set out to do." so at least i can take comfort in knowing that if i ever voice these feelings to joseph, he won't be offended. also, these joseph arthur tour dates were just announced: 2008-07-09 Paradise Rock Club, Boston, MA 2008-07-10 World Café Live, Philadelphia, PA 2008-07-11 Bowery Ballroom, New York, NY (with band) 2008-07-12 Maxwell’s, Hoboken, NJ 2008-07-15 Troubadour, L.A., CA 2008-07-18 Great American Music Hall, S.F., CA i'm sure he'll make his way back to austin at some point but i'm going to try to hit those east coast shows. i know brynn and bri will be there and i haven't seen them in FOREVER. i hope that we can be reunited before july but who knows. now gomez just needs to announce an actual tour, not these stupid festivals and dave matthews shows.


Alicia said...

There are Colin fans like that and it drives me fucking crazy. The same kind of people who like that stupid baby song of is.

stefanie said...

i haven't heard that baby song yet. i'm sure i'll get a good LOL out of i though.

i guess these people aren't think for themselfers. i, for one, happen to LOVE thinking for myself!!

Alicia said...

It's called "Wonder" and there's a live version of it on his Sings Live! album. I don't have it at work or I'd upload it for you, but it's worth looking up. He actually uses the line "a tumblin' in Dublin and next thing you know/a weird and a wonderful show" to describe knocking up that frigid bitch.