Monday, April 21, 2008

i know things

just the other day i was telling someone, i have no idea who (maybe my sister?), that i thought jenny lewis and m. ward would play some sort of side/after show during ACL since they're both going to be here. i was just perusing pollstar (looking for hot summer concerts, of which there are, like, none) and saw that they are doing a taping of austin city limits together on september 26. i would imagine that they'll both play separate sets but sit in on a couple of songs for each other. i'm also not going to rule out a possible show at the parish or something. also, pollstar lists that conor oberst will do a taping the following day, september 27. i would definitely like to try to go to both of those. i am excited about the actual possibility of going to tapings that weekend because i've never had time in previous years, what with spending ALL my time at the stupid festival.

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