Sunday, April 20, 2008

payin' it forward

this is a video of a man, peter nevland (who, from what i can gather thanks to the interwebs, is a slam poet), trying to give away $200 in $1 bills at a busy intersection here in austin. i'm pretty sure it's 360 and mopac. anyway, apparently "lobo", the homeless man that he gave $100, turned around and gave most of it away to more deserving homeless people. i keep trying to figure out if i would have taken the money or not. on the one hand, i'm a broke ass ho. on the other hand, don't we always think there is a catch? i know i do. i've never been very good at hypotheticals though. i actually have to be in the situation, i can't speculate. how about you guys? would you have taken the money? i mean, it was only a buck or two.

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Charlotte said...

i don't know either, i like to think I would not keep the money, but give it to someone who deserves it more.