Friday, April 25, 2008

late night

jimmy fallon to replace conan on late night in 2009 if you clicky that link, you'll find out (if you didn't already know) that conan o'brien is replacing jay leno in 2009. so nbc went on the hunt for someone to replace conan in the later slot. and they picked jimmy fallon. well, at least it's not carson daly. i've always had mixed feelings about jimmy fallon. sometimes, i find him to be hilarious. other times, he might as well be carson daly. one thing's for sure though, i like this better than drew carey replacing bob barker on the price is right. ps-dudes, click the ads on the right side of this blog. apparently i can make money for hosting ads but people have to CLICK them! come on! i'll send you a nickle one of these days!


Alicia said...

I'm in agreement with Videogum on this one. What a train wreck that's going to end up being.

stefanie said...

yeah, it's probably going to be quite a mess. but ewww at their snide suggestion for it to be dane cook. VOMIT!

Charlotte said...

this just means better ratings for craig ferguson, who is far superior in the comedy department, imho