Thursday, April 24, 2008


in my browser's bookmarks, i have a folder named "links for blogging" so when i find something that i want to blog about at a later time, i add it to that folder. i have had muxtape in that folder for weeks now. since around the time i started this damn blog. muxtape is a site where you upload songs (in mp3 format only, kids!) to create a mix that can be shared with anyone. once your mix is made, you send the link on to your friends and they can listen to your mix from any computer (assuming they're not accessing the internet somewhere that might block the website). i made two muxtapes today. dana liked the spring mix that i made last night and asked me to make a muxtape for her to listen to while she studies. it's mostly the same as the mix i made last night but i was only allowed to use 12 songs and my mix was 16. then i decided to make another one of artists that i like covering songs that i like. muxtape 1 muxtape 2 enjoy!

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