Saturday, April 19, 2008


we went to nomad bar tonight for alison and alanna's birthday. i had never been there before but i quite liked it. i also enjoyed that was there giving away free booze: rain vodka and sparkling sake (supplied by the ever beautiful and classy erika elliott). i give the sake 2 thumbs up! the vodka...tasted like rubbing alcohol. i had it with tonic and erin had it with water. we both ended up abandoning the drinks but i heard it wasn't bad with orange juice. as far as the sake goes, i highly recommend the ginger magno. it was absolutely delicious.

now i am home. i posted some pictures on facebook and now i'm reading austinist. and to tell you what a huge baseball junkie i am, i read this headline, "CWS and STL Reach Agreement to Extend Trail" and thought, "chicago white sox and st. louis reach agreement..." it didn't make any sense because a) it's austinist and those teams have nothing to do with austin. b) those teams aren't even in the same league so what kind of agreement could they be reaching? and c) trail? what? then i read the headline again and decided that those initials must stand for something other than baseball teams. what a dork. incidentally, dana told me that every time she sees "CWS" in reference to the baseball team, she thinks, "chews."

tonight i shall leave you with this fabulous picture that i took of alison as she was bent over laughing. it looks like a baby in a stroller took it.

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