Friday, April 18, 2008

dear diary,

this is probably going to feel a bit like a diary entry because i have a lot of random goings on to discuss. let's start with robin's birthday. the party at amber and lolo's went better than any of us could have expected! there were so many wonderful faces to see. it was wonderful! and, miraculously, most of us made it down to beauty bar before midnight. it's all a bit fuzzy but there are pictures to prove that it was just as much fun as i think i remember it being :) sunday was a long day of doing nothing. i had the beginnings of a migraine, mixed with a hangover, so i pretty much wanted to die. but it was all worth it because i had a marvelous weekend. monday i went to see smart people with zach. it was very blah. the cast was great, duh, but the storyline was very flat and the ending left just about EVERYTHING to be desired. so, in short, i do not recommend it and i'm glad that we went to a matinée showing. after the movie we had coffee and played uno outside of starbucks for a little while. it was very pleasant and nice to catch up with my old roomie. after he left to spend time with his dad i went over to josh's to be bored to death. finally casey came over and we went to spiderhouse for a couple of drinks. i always wish i could be one of the people that gets to overhear our conversations because i'm sure they're fascinating to strangers. tuesday was feist at stubb's! dana and i headed to jaime's around 6:00 and stayed there until about 8:45 before rushing over to the show. oh jaime's. their margaritas hurt so good. they have a huge pitcher of patron margaritas on the rocks for like $30, and it's $26 during happy hour. normally, we get a pitcher like that if we have 4 or 5 people but we decided to get one just for the 2 of us anyway. yoooowzas. the show itself was great, i can't remember every song that was played but we did a lot of dancing and laughing and self portrait taking. it was great! you've heard how the feist night ends so there's no need to go into that again. yesterday i stayed home all day until it was time to go to pluckers for trivia. it wasn't our best night but we ended up winning anyway. the finals are on april 30. my sister is due on may 1 so let's hope that a) she doesn't have the baby before april 30 and that b) she's not bed-ridden or something. the prize for this round is actually really good! we get to take our whole team to a round rock express game to watch from one of the boxes with free beer and food. it sounds way better than the super bowl party that we won! which was still fun know. today i had horrible horrible horrible allergies i didn't do a thing until about 4:00 when i decided to go buy some allergy medicine. and that's pretty much it. i also got a mothers' day card for my mom and for my sister, since she's having her baby right before mothers' day! how exciting, her first mothers' day is right after the baby is born! speaking of cards, i would like to encourage any of you that might read this blog to check out this facebook group. if you have a moment, please drop a get well card in the mail for bette. it would mean a lot to her, which in turn means a lot to kerry, which in turn means a lot to me. she needs all the positive thoughts and wishes she can get right now! and i would also like to remind you all how fantastic it would be if you could make a donation to the avon walk for breast cancer that my friend tanya is participating in. please see this post for more information. thanks guys! seriously, it would really mean a ton to me if you could make any sort of donation. large or small! it doesn't matter! this is one of those cases where it's true to say "size doesn't matter!" and now i'm going to watch drop dead gorgeous and let my ambien cr kick in. i really think this is the best role kirsten dunst has ever played!

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