Friday, May 9, 2008

back to normal

i'm slowly getting back to normal...catching up on sleep, the internets and whatnot. and now i finally have some time to get SUPER excited about seeing wilco sunday AND monday! things have been so crazy that i had almost forgotten that it's almost wilco time. holy crap, i can't wait! seeing wilco at stubb's is pretty much as good as it gets, aside from the show in berkely last august. and they haven't played stubb's since 2005. i finally downloaded the new death cab. i'm listening to it now for the first time. like i've said before, i have such a love/hate relationship with that band. so far i'm not super impressed with narrow stairs but we'll see if that changes. it's more upbeat than plans, which i like. i can only handle so many sloooow, sad, whiny songs at a time. but i still stand by my original statement that i will possess your heart is sucky and creepy. and way too fucking long. and some of these song titles...really? your new twin sized bed? hahaha! you can do better than me (but i can't do better than you). hahahaha again! i still haven't ordered my camera. it's funny, it was ALL i could think about for a couple of weeks and now i keep forgetting about it. i'm still not 100% sure which "package" i'm going to order so i need more time to research and find the best deal for what i want. who knows when i'll really have time to sit down and do that. i'm staying at my sister's right now and i've been pretty busy straightening up the house, doing laundry, etc before they bring little nels home tomorrow. i'm the best aunt/sister ever. haha!

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